The Journey of an Alchemist

Hello, I am delighted to connect with you!  I have an incredible journey of self discovery to share with you, intensely personal, intensely challenging and intensely rewarding. As I continue to grow, it is as if I am a new person each time, stepping on another little stepping stone, or like another step up on a ladder reaching into infinite skies, uncovering whom I truly am, a never-ending story. Of course, each time, I have to update my website – after remembering how to practically do that:) – so, here it goes.

Ha, the beautiful beautiful things I have to tell you about the unique style of massage I practice, our new old way of feng shui, martial arts, our unique tai chi-qigong-yoga combo, our archery… words cannot even begin to express it. Come and join me and experience it for yourself!

All this, these amazing insights and skills which first of all restored my own healh and wellbeing, now go much further. They are blending with my primordial dream, passion, vision: creating a world we all love to live in! Together! For all of us! Creating an Eco-Oasis! With you, together, living our true selves, our passions, our talents, our happiness about feeling so connected, to one another, all over the world, and our earth.

My journey as an re-awakening artist is very much part of this. I can not not create! The Joy of it is immense. Drawing, painting, experimenting with anything you can transform into a beautiful expressive energetic work of art is what I have done for as long as I can remember.

The last 2 years my art transformed into painting from my soul: each of my paintings tells a story of my transformation at that very particular moment, of an insight, an image, a vision, a spark of “geniality”, divine intelligence, or however you want to call it.

Call me, send me a message, let’s be in touch, let’s share our stories, let’s join our talents, our expertises and energies and create together:)

Nadie te Quita lo Bailado


More awesomeness: Working together with freelance photographer Willow Reese here in Chicago I just had an amazing photoshoot – she made me feel so comfortable, she truly brought out my “joy de vivre” – instead of the frozen grimace I tend to sport when I know someone is taking my picture. Here is the link to her website – call her – she is amazing:)


Just look at her pictures of me:)

Brigitte-2   Brigitte-4   Brigitte-1

Brigitte-10  Brigitte-8  Brigitte-7  Brigitte-5


The Journey of an Alchemist is one of challenges, transformations, “stretching” your mind and your heart, beyond your imagination, of connecting and embracing and engaging, a Journey of Pure Joy of Mastering Oneself.


                           Brigitte - IMG_0908   Brigitte  Brigitte painting cropped IMG_0833

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