The Alchemist Journey is Truly a Joyful Experience

About 7 years ago I started on an incredible journey of self exploration and transformation, fulfilling long forgotten yearnings and desires: a process of re-discovery, a re-awakening and re-calling.

I learned an amazing new style of massage, a new method of Feng Shui for our modern times, a unique combo of Tai Chi-GiGong-Neo Yoga, Martial Arts and Meditative Archery, like it was done in the times of Lao Tzu & Confucius. I here must add a favorite expression of one of my dear friends: “How cool is that!”

In this process I first of all reclaimed my health and wellbeing. I continue to practice and train and study: Legacies of the Ancient Oriental Sages and the Vedas, Kabbalah, Ancient Oriental Medicine, Ancient Astrology, TaiChi-Qigong …

I love giving this unique kind of massage. And I love teaching TaiChi-Qigong. Been doing so for 7 years now, first in Colorado and now in Chicago.

Now I am exploring teaching the Wellbeing Method, and Neo Feng Shui, together with the creator of these unique methods. Together we create unimaginable experiences for our students, teaching the way it was done in ancient times: one on one, or in small groups so it is very individualized and personalized.

So many times I have felt – and still do –  like “a little grasshopper” in my training. That is what happens when you become mesmerized at a young age with Bruce Lee, Kung Fu, and all sorts of mysterious oriental ways:) And then you learn this profound wisdom was explored all over this world in all ancient cultures: Kabbalah, ancient Egypt, India, the Mayans, Incas, Hopis … an immeasurable treasure to be recalled, as it is already “within”.

In synergy,



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