Feng Shui for your Heart and your Health – the first crucial step

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Many wonderful articles are being written about Feng Shui, the Art of Wind and Water, of harmonizing your home. Many focus on the practical tangible material aspects of it: colors to paint your walls, ways to arrange your furniture, objects to add which bring good fortune… In ancient times it was even crucial in which direction your front door pointed, how many rooms were in your home and in which location, all for very solid reasons. However, times have changed, we now face different challenges.

Neo Feng Shui offers insightful adaptations for our current times and life style, based on the same wise ancient principles.

Neo Feng Shui works with all these elements and goes beyond the tangibles. It is a complex method of transformation, of harmonizing, of beautifying, of creating a temple: your body as a temple, and your home as a temple, within a larger context of your community and the entire world.

Our home is an outward manifestation of our body. Therefore “working on your (temple) home” is also “working on your (temple) body”. They mutually influence one another. Since it is very immediate and practical to do something with the tangible “stuff” around you, it is an amazing impactful direct way to start the process of transforming your life.

A crucial first step is decluttering: getting rid of all the things that no longer serve you. Everything in your home must be beautiful, useful, and energetic. This is essential because of the energy attached to all things. Usually this is a highly emotional process for most of us. Out with the old, so there is room for the new. By doing so you show the universe that indeed, you are committed to change.

Start the process by taking 3 boxes and label them:

“Trash”: for things to be thrown away.

“Donation”: add a little note of love to those whom you give it to so it combines great energy. It may no longer work for you, but someone else is going to love it.

“Return to sender”: return it to the person who gave it to you.

And trick box #4: “Fix it”: you must fix it within 24 hours otherwise it has to go in the trash.

So go ahead, start your process of decluttering, and promise yourself that you will do it within 2 weeks. Then after this step you can start surrounding yourself in all directions with signs of beauty, abundance and joy, very personal reminders for you, for your profound process of inner change.

In loving synergy,


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