Neo Feng Shui, a beautiful invitation to explore your life.

Order out of chaos - IMG_0047In the study of modern Feng Shui we invite each student to a journey of self exploration of their values and commitment towards creating the powerful life experience they truly deserve to life and enjoy.

Lots of the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui  has gotten lost and “mistranslated”. Neo Feng Shui eliminates false premises based on traditional and in most cases superstitious ancient beliefs, creating a new modern style of this amazing art exploration form.

This training goes over each area of the student’s life so they can experience the energy, vitality and health they truly deserve. They explore their individual beliefs and how that allows them to flow or struggle in their lives. It guides students how to prepare for change when something does not go the way they expect.

We explore a profound wisdom via enjoyable exercises, dynamic Qigong Sacred movements, meditation, breathing techniques, visualization and other exercises.

Neo Feng Shui offers an innovative way to explore our lives, giving us a deep connection with our cosmos and the nature of existence, and how to create a powerful relationship with this.

In loving synergy,


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