The Wellbeing Method Massage training offers unique insights and approaches for self exploration and giving profound massage sessions

Woman gets massage in spa studio

Full Body massage has never been so pure and unique as the Wellbeing Method teaches us. We guarantee privacy, unique harmony and a sacred environment full of extraordinary students who, like you, ask for a signature massage. A massage that goes beyond normal awareness and transcends the limited structure of basic stroking, squashing and pressuring. A massage that guarantees wellbeing at the highest form of relaxation and empowerment.

This is a symbiotic method. Each student, if they are committed to learning and attending every class, will eventually enjoy each session as much as the receivers of the massage.

You will learn in a safe, intimate, perfect environment for the manifestation of Joy power and Co-creation. It is our absolute intention that each student explores Wellbeing at its best. We know that you deserve the most amazing experience of bodywork available, and now is the time for you to attain it. Our classes are always 100% guaranteed. If you attracted this into your life you will enjoy this or you will not pay of it. We were born to live joyful lives, to expand our awareness and enhance our alignment with universal laws.

We will teach you how to take magnificent care of yourself. How to understand your body fully and how to be in alignment with the amazing bioenergetic technology you were given.

Our training for you includes:

  • Ancient Oriental sages legacy. Wisdom & Philosophy — Five element theory —Macro and Microcosmos science — Sacred Space and Rituals — Understanding the Body’s Magnetic Fields
  • Self care techniques
  • Tai Chi & QiGong emphasized for Massage — Ancient Yoga. Specialized techniques to improve blood and energy flow while giving the session
  • Aroma therapy — Main Hormones released, and the power of Aromas to Create Joy, Calm and other Harmonizing E-motions
  • Vedas Legacy to Wellbeing Alignment — vata-pitta-kapha science
  • Modern Feng Shui — Beyond Superstition and Traditional Misinterpretations — Art of Universal Elements, Beauty & Love


In loving Synergy,


Image of Woman gets massage in spa studio

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