In our modern world a Moving Meditation practice is essential.

Fitness, sport, friendship and lifestyle conceptIn ancient times the training of Qigong and Tai Chi was called “internal”, or “yin”, or “slow”, because of its nature of slow gentle movements as well as its meditation practices of mindfulness, with a harmonious awareness in our human potential to live a joyful life experience.

The Wellbeing Method Qigong teaches harmonization through dynamic moving exercises, breathing and meditation techniques.

This “internal” discipline enhances muscle strength, flexibility, amazing coordination and balance. It activates endorphins, our body’s natural way to create an overall sense of wellbeing. It makes you calmer and rejuvenates you.

In our modern world stress levels are skyrocketing, causing all kinds of “ill-at-ease” situations which are detrimental to our health. A moving meditation practice is essential so that each person that trains in this amazing art can explore more of their true genius, and experience an awareness that leads them to enjoy health and wellbeing. The manifestation of an extraordinary body system readies us for the enjoyment of the pleasures and adventures that life brings.

In harmony,


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