About the Artist

I can not not create! The Joy of it is immense. Drawing, painting, experimenting with anything you can transform into a beautiful expressive artwork is what I have done for as long as I can remember. I also volunteered extensively at my kids’ K-8 magnet school once upon a time, designing art projects for art classes, social studies classes and their archeology program, creating cardboard stages for their plays, painting murals in the hallways, volunteer teaching students K-8. Such joy:)

I even got some official training in the midst of all this. The teachers and students at the magnet school kept asking me how I drew and painted. I needed to expand on my answer that ” I just go swoosh, swoosh, swoosh”.  That is my favorite way to paint by the way:)

So, I pursued a degree at Northeastern Sate University in Tahlequah, OK where I lived at the time, only able to take classes between 9 am and 2 pm as I had to be home in time for my 4 kids. It took a while, which meant: years of  immersing myself in art. Yeah!  And I learned a few very valuable tricks along the way. I may not have understood or been able to apply all of them at that time, but now, ha, now I get it! Experience and practice are key.

I switched from a fine arts degree to a degree in graphic design. I wanted to make myself learn about computers. So since for the graphic design program  you had to take all the fine arts classes anyway + computer classes, I did get to enjoy all the hands-on classes of drawing, painting, and another favorite of mine: ceramics classes aka mud slinging:)

The last 4 years my art transformed into painting from my soul. These paintings are deeply influenced by my insights from my training in Feng Shui for our Modern Times — the Art of Beauty — which is based on wisdom of the ancients (vedas, ancient oriental sages, and more). Each of my paintings tells a story of my transformation at that very particular moment, of an insight, an image, a vision, a spark of divine intelligence, or however you want to call it. So all my paintings are very very dear to me.

Yet, selling them will provide me with the resources to fund a project which I desire with all my heart and soul, so I can be of even more service to others with my many talents, being part of creating a small scale sustainable solution for our planet, a little eco-oasis. So I am now letting go of them, to a good home where they will bring lots of great energy, lighting up the room and spark your imagination.

Perhaps one of the walls in your home or office has been calling exactly for one of my paintings. So just give me a call, and I will be happy to give you a video tour of my art, or, if you live in the area (SW Florida, show you my art in person.

I also create custom art in a variety of mediums, styles and sizes.