Qigong Dynamic Movements and Breathing

A powerful way to boost your immune system!

Private, semi-private and small group classes

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Qigong to restore your health and enhance you wellbeing

Wellbeing is a combination of natural harmonious mental, emotional and physical health. This practice requires emphasis in promoting harmony between these, which is essential for the manifestation of wellbeing. Lots of methods fail when they address only one of these important areas of health. Since they go together and are inseparable, only disciplines that focus on the whole human potentiality will be successful.

This training is remarkable for people of all ages and abilities, and has no contraindications. Working with individual awareness and body wisdom, each student is welcomed and encouraged in each class.

In our modern world a moving mediation practice is key so that each person that trains in this amazing art can explore more of their true genius and awareness that leads them to enjoy health, and the manifestation of an extraordinary body system ready for the enjoyment and pleasures and adventures that life brings.

Explore the Energy, Vitality & Health you Truly Deserve!

In ancient times this training was called, “Internal” or “Yin” or “Slow” because of its nature of slow and gentle movements as well as meditation practices of mindfulness with harmonious awareness in human potential to live a joyful life experience.

Internal discipline enhances muscle strength, flexibility, amazing coordination, balance, and also brings you techniques for activating the endorphins that allow you to enjoy learning in a safe and joyful environment, where you will be respected and acknowledged as a true genius with the full capacity of living a healthy life.

This training rejuvenates you and brings you full control of your body’s capabilities for restoring natural blood and energy flow through the amazing technology of our human body’s meridian system.

In our dynamic movements and sequences that are designed to enhance a state of wellbeing students will learn how to tune into and harmonize their body, mind and emotions.