“Becoming One with the Arrow!”

The Ancient Practice of Archery was taught for thousands of years and practiced by the greatest philosophers such as Lao Tzu and Confucius as well as amazing skillful martial artists in the search of self discipline and enlightenment.

Archery is also a training challenge among Zen monks who want to sharpen their concentration and subconscious ability.

By transcending all anxiety or attachment to the target their mind/body connection becomes in harmony, improving their performance. They experience the “become one with the arrow” as the arrow symbolizes a thought they are letting go in harmony, with extraordinary ability of focus that evolves as they train archery.

In our modern style of archery we explore the innate power of focus that each student has, and brings it about to play in a safe, fun and nurtuing environment.

Modern Achery blends the art of mindfulness meditation, walking and Tai Chi with the art of mastering the bow and arrows, making this an absolute experience of wellbeing and transcending the so-called “ego mind.” With Qigon and powerful breathign techniques it guides the student to improve thier immune systems, as well as increasing stamina, flexibility and strength.



Improves Strength

Enhances Brain Actiity and Power of Focus

Increases extraordinary levels of Balance

Enjoy Nature and Make Friends

Boosts Confidence

Improves your Immune System

Enhances Patience and Improves Self Control

Increases overall Energy Levels

Improves Heart Function

Betterment of Eye Sight

Improves Posture and Enhances balance Power

Calms the Mind