Blue Wave

b;ue wave img_3064


Acrylic paint pouring on Canvas – 24’”x 24”

Exploring acrylic paint pouring techniques.combinign them with creating textures – the Water element is one of the 5 elements of TCM

Copyright 2018

Treasure Hunt: Ruby and the Pibnk Flamingoes

ruby and the pink flamingoes 2017

Acrylics on Canvas – 18″ x 24″ – commissioned piece

Ruby and her little family went to Cancun for holidays and they had forgotten her storybooks. No worries. Her mom made up a story about a fabulous treasure hunt and Ruby and her mommy went treasure hunting on the beach everyday! They found all the treasures of the story except the pink flamingoes. No worries again. I painted them for Ruby. Let me know which treasures you can spot:)

Copyright 2018


Explorations on Rice Paper


Explorations on rice paper with acrylics, 12″ x 12″ – perrrfect presents for my friends and family in Belgium and Denmark for my trip summer 2018 – sharing my talents from the heart in this personailzed present: Hawthroen tree blossoms for my sister, Hunabku for my Uber driver friend from high school Anita, little swan for my mom….

copyright 2018

Galactic Butterfly


Imagine the delight of lighting up your living space with the Hunab Ku Galactic Butterfly,  an ancient Mayan symbol, a magnificent Key, reflecting the depths of the cosmos, the mysteries of life, time and space, a beautiful dance of perceived opposites: dark and light, yin and yang, conscious and subconscious, uniting in beaming brilliance … we are One and the Same.

Oil on canvas –  12″ x 12″

Copyright 2018


The Kiss 2018

My interpretation of The Kiss by Gustave Klimt

Aren’t we all in search of love and tenderness and a beautiful blending of who we are? Masters over the ages, like Gustave Klimt, capturing the transcendence of love in their beautiful masterpieces,  inspiring others with its beauty, beaming light into your hearts, lives and living rooms. As if written in the stars. True love is in giving. I see you!

Mixed media – 40″ x 40″

Copyright 2018