Self Defense for Women

martial arts - young woman IMG_1589Our unique self defense is for women’s empowerment, toning and strengthening the muscles, creating strong tendons, increasing flexibility, balance and coordination, while learning self defense techniques. It includes Tai Chi and Qigong breathing and dynamic exercises. It is based on the principles of Neo Martial Arts, a non competitive martial arts.

This training is for women of all abilities, age 12 or more.

It is especially beneficial for women in their 50s and 60s to rejuvenate. It is not true that we are doomed to get older, become incapacitated, and we might as well just accept this. Our bodies are meant to move. If we haven’t moved in a while, well, of course, we loose strength, become stiff, uncoordinated.

With a little practice, we can reclaim our flexibility, coordination, strength, gently at first, gradually building up. And it is so much fun because as you are so focussed on doing the self defense techniques you forget that you are also training your body at the same time:)

We do not have to accept either that we will loose our mental powers of focus and concentration as we age. This too can be re-gained. Self defense is a fabulous way to do so.

Our body also releases endorphins as we train elevating our mood and making us happier.

Being active boosts our immune system. Virusses are around year long. Yet in winter we get sick because there are added stresses because of the cold weather, and the stresses of the holidays. Rather then being obsessed with avoiding viruses at all cost, a futile effort, I propose we focus on enhancing our immune system. Then the virusses will have little effect.

Mastering your body (being in charge of your body) brings so much self awareness and self confidence. It is empowers you to take care of all aspects of your life.


In loving synergy,



In our modern world a Moving Meditation practice is essential.

Fitness, sport, friendship and lifestyle conceptIn ancient times the training of Qigong and Tai Chi was called “internal”, or “yin”, or “slow”, because of its nature of slow gentle movements as well as its meditation practices of mindfulness, with a harmonious awareness in our human potential to live a joyful life experience.

The Wellbeing Method Qigong teaches harmonization through dynamic moving exercises, breathing and meditation techniques.

This “internal” discipline enhances muscle strength, flexibility, amazing coordination and balance. It activates endorphins, our body’s natural way to create an overall sense of wellbeing. It makes you calmer and rejuvenates you.

In our modern world stress levels are skyrocketing, causing all kinds of “ill-at-ease” situations which are detrimental to our health. A moving meditation practice is essential so that each person that trains in this amazing art can explore more of their true genius, and experience an awareness that leads them to enjoy health and wellbeing. The manifestation of an extraordinary body system readies us for the enjoyment of the pleasures and adventures that life brings.

In harmony,


Becoming what we Already Are in Essence. 

swan - cropped - 9 MB - shutterstock_61353832 copy 2We were born to live joyful lives, to expand our awareness and enhance our alignment with universal laws. We truly deserve to connect with others in a sacred way, to experience in a loving environment the total expression of collaboration, in joy, with harmony, and with the delightful opportunity to deliberately become that what we truly are in essence.

Learning how to take magnificent care of ourselves, to understand our body fully and how to be in alignment with the amazing bio-energetic technology we were given, is key and the focus of  the wellbeing method.

In loving synergy,


The Wellbeing Method Massage training offers unique insights and approaches for self exploration and giving profound massage sessions

Woman gets massage in spa studio

Full Body massage has never been so pure and unique as the Wellbeing Method teaches us. We guarantee privacy, unique harmony and a sacred environment full of extraordinary students who, like you, ask for a signature massage. A massage that goes beyond normal awareness and transcends the limited structure of basic stroking, squashing and pressuring. A massage that guarantees wellbeing at the highest form of relaxation and empowerment.

This is a symbiotic method. Each student, if they are committed to learning and attending every class, will eventually enjoy each session as much as the receivers of the massage.

You will learn in a safe, intimate, perfect environment for the manifestation of Joy power and Co-creation. It is our absolute intention that each student explores Wellbeing at its best. We know that you deserve the most amazing experience of bodywork available, and now is the time for you to attain it. Our classes are always 100% guaranteed. If you attracted this into your life you will enjoy this or you will not pay of it. We were born to live joyful lives, to expand our awareness and enhance our alignment with universal laws.

We will teach you how to take magnificent care of yourself. How to understand your body fully and how to be in alignment with the amazing bioenergetic technology you were given.

Our training for you includes:

  • Ancient Oriental sages legacy. Wisdom & Philosophy — Five element theory —Macro and Microcosmos science — Sacred Space and Rituals — Understanding the Body’s Magnetic Fields
  • Self care techniques
  • Tai Chi & QiGong emphasized for Massage — Ancient Yoga. Specialized techniques to improve blood and energy flow while giving the session
  • Aroma therapy — Main Hormones released, and the power of Aromas to Create Joy, Calm and other Harmonizing E-motions
  • Vedas Legacy to Wellbeing Alignment — vata-pitta-kapha science
  • Modern Feng Shui — Beyond Superstition and Traditional Misinterpretations — Art of Universal Elements, Beauty & Love


In loving Synergy,


Image of Woman gets massage in spa studio

Neo Feng Shui, a beautiful invitation to explore your life.

Order out of chaos - IMG_0047In the study of modern Feng Shui we invite each student to a journey of self exploration of their values and commitment towards creating the powerful life experience they truly deserve to life and enjoy.

Lots of the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui  has gotten lost and “mistranslated”. Neo Feng Shui eliminates false premises based on traditional and in most cases superstitious ancient beliefs, creating a new modern style of this amazing art exploration form.

This training goes over each area of the student’s life so they can experience the energy, vitality and health they truly deserve. They explore their individual beliefs and how that allows them to flow or struggle in their lives. It guides students how to prepare for change when something does not go the way they expect.

We explore a profound wisdom via enjoyable exercises, dynamic Qigong Sacred movements, meditation, breathing techniques, visualization and other exercises.

Neo Feng Shui offers an innovative way to explore our lives, giving us a deep connection with our cosmos and the nature of existence, and how to create a powerful relationship with this.

In loving synergy,


Feng Shui for your Heart and your Health – the first crucial step

Art gallery - flowers close-up - pastels

Many wonderful articles are being written about Feng Shui, the Art of Wind and Water, of harmonizing your home. Many focus on the practical tangible material aspects of it: colors to paint your walls, ways to arrange your furniture, objects to add which bring good fortune… In ancient times it was even crucial in which direction your front door pointed, how many rooms were in your home and in which location, all for very solid reasons. However, times have changed, we now face different challenges.

Neo Feng Shui offers insightful adaptations for our current times and life style, based on the same wise ancient principles.

Neo Feng Shui works with all these elements and goes beyond the tangibles. It is a complex method of transformation, of harmonizing, of beautifying, of creating a temple: your body as a temple, and your home as a temple, within a larger context of your community and the entire world.

Our home is an outward manifestation of our body. Therefore “working on your (temple) home” is also “working on your (temple) body”. They mutually influence one another. Since it is very immediate and practical to do something with the tangible “stuff” around you, it is an amazing impactful direct way to start the process of transforming your life.

A crucial first step is decluttering: getting rid of all the things that no longer serve you. Everything in your home must be beautiful, useful, and energetic. This is essential because of the energy attached to all things. Usually this is a highly emotional process for most of us. Out with the old, so there is room for the new. By doing so you show the universe that indeed, you are committed to change.

Start the process by taking 3 boxes and label them:

“Trash”: for things to be thrown away.

“Donation”: add a little note of love to those whom you give it to so it combines great energy. It may no longer work for you, but someone else is going to love it.

“Return to sender”: return it to the person who gave it to you.

And trick box #4: “Fix it”: you must fix it within 24 hours otherwise it has to go in the trash.

So go ahead, start your process of decluttering, and promise yourself that you will do it within 2 weeks. Then after this step you can start surrounding yourself in all directions with signs of beauty, abundance and joy, very personal reminders for you, for your profound process of inner change.

In loving synergy,


Is touch disappearing in our world?

Flower of Life detail 03.04.19-31I was sitting down to write this blog, and doing a quick google search about the essential needs for survival of human beings. People from all walks of life, from all disciplines agree on the following: food, shelter, clothing, water, food, adequate sleep, and breathing. Yet, there is one more crucial need that needs to be satisfied for us to be healthy and well, and that is touch.

Physical touch is one of our essential needs. This became apparent many years ago. Babies in orphanages, although they were warm, dry, and had good food did not flourish. When they were not picked up and held, they withered, and some even died. May I say that we are just bigger babies! We need nourishing touch as well to feel well in our lives. And satisfying our need for it has become a challenge.

We have welcomed AI into our lives. What a marvelous potential cellphones have brought us, for example. I can now video chat with my sister in another country from a little device. Amazing! Yet this same AI wonder also has us sit next to each other on the train, very involved with others over etherspace, yet for those who are present on the train, rarely looking one another in the eye, start a conversation, smile.

With all the turmoil of sexual harassment – and rightfully so – we seem to have become superconscious of something that is essential and healthy and which we need: a comforting hand on the shoulder, holding someone’s hand in friendly support, a heartfelt hug. When and where is it appropriate? Between whom, and in what form?…are the questions. It is as if physical touch has become a sexual offense.

Yet, we all need loving caring touch! Massage offers a wonderful solution, be it full body, or just a massage of our feet, hands, or scalp. That is why I am so happy to have learned a method that embraces the loving nurturing aspect of massage, a massage that goes beyond normal awareness and transcends the limited structure of basic stroking, squashing and pressuring. A massage that guarantees wellbeing at the highest form of relaxation and empowerment.

It is a pleasure to give and receive this kind of massage:)

In loving synergy,