The magnificent lotus flower holds enormous symbolic weight in various thousand-year-old Eastern cultures (Egyptian, Indian) and it is still considered one of the most sacred flowers today. It has a life cycle unlike any other. With its roots based in mud, it submerges every night into murky river water, and—undeterred by its dirty environment—it miraculously re-blooms the next morning without residue on its petals, thus it symbolized for many ancient cultures spiritual enlightenment and rebirth. The colorful bloom of this mysterious flower is enrapturing.

Yearning for the stars, receiving diving intelligence. What is above is below. We are all Brilliant!

Oil on Canvas – 18″ x 24″

Copyright 2017


The Powers of the Universe and the Sacred Feminine. We are one with the stars, the celestial bodies, the Universe. We are all One and the Same. A new era full of mystery, harmony, joy, abundance, and fulfillment.

Oil on Canvas – 24″ x 48″

Copyright 2017

Flower of Life

The flower of life is an ancient design found in ancient cultures around the world: China, Israel, Japan, India, Assyria, Egypt… and Leonardo da Vinci intensively studied it attempting to reveal its mysterious secrets of the fundamental forms of time and space, the sacred laws of the Universe. Its perfect form, proportion and harmony intrigue philosophers, architects and artist around the world.

Where do we come from, where are we going, how are we going … in the game of life.

Acyrlics on Canvas – 30″ x 30″

Copyright 2017

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a mystical symbol showing how the world really works, how we create, how we bring divine inspiration into manifestation in our world, by aspiring to conquer our emotions, the art of enlightenment and manifestation.

Acrylics on Canvas – 18″ x 24″

Copyright 2017


The Art of Giving and Receiving – bringing abundance into your life

A mesmerizing swan song, a beautiful inspiration, a lotus flower emerging from the depths of turmoil, offering the mysteries of life, inspiring abundance into your life. Give and you will receive beyond your imagination.

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

Acrylics on canvas 18″ x 24″

Copyright 2017

Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra is a maginficent ancient design found in all ancient cultures around the world, transforming time and space as we know it. Meditating while looking at it harmonizes right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Oil on Canvas – 24″ x 24″

Copyright 2017