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I am delighted to now offer my classes and workshops about the Wellbeing Method Massage online.

Classes are once a week, and will focus on exploring the underlying principles for creating health and wellbeing, your own first. The hands-on portion of the massage will be done in small groups when we are able to get together again.

Because of the current challenging times I am offering my classes at a huge discount: $30 per class.

Looking forward to exploring with you!

In loving synergy,



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The Alchemist Journey is a Truly Joyful Experience

The Wellbeing Method Massage Certified Training goes beyond the studies of basic massage, Qigong, Tai Chi and Mindfulness Meditation. It offers a wide range of transcendental, unique and innovative techniques of massage that restore and awaken Joy Power and Harmony in both giver and receiver in a full body session.

This Art of Touch goes the extra mile by including essential oils, detoxifying organic massage oil, the art of nature sounds, as well as music for all intelligence types. We become immersed in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the meridian system enhancing the vortex areas that are known for wellbeing manifestation. We explore the legacy of the sages from Oriental Medicine and we blend with the innovative modern discoveries of Neuroscience and Bio-energetics.

This blissful Method guides each individual student to learn in an extraordinary environment full of Beauty, and is ready to be a platform for the creation of the most priceless asset: the magnificent health they want to experience.

This training rejuvenates you and brings you full control of your body’s capabilities for restoring natural blood and energy flow through the amazing technology of our human body’s meridian system. It leads you to activate brain areas for the creating of outstanding success while giving the gift of sound health.

Students will explore more of their true genius and the awareness that leads them to enjoy mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, and the manifestation of an extraordinary body system, ready for the enjoyment of pleasure and the adventures that life brings.


Innovative Therapies that Serve the Mind, Body & Soul

The Wellbeing Method training is an experience of a lifetime, full of Beauty, Wisdom from the Ages, a deep spiritual connection with nature and all its wonders expressed through synchronicity and the path of least resistance. The experience of this innovative program is centered at the truth of our unlimited potential to care, to be kind, to be loving and to connect with the divine in everyone we touch and serve. It is a blending experience. It is a Journey of self awareness and deep sharing of our inner mind that reaches every single cell and fiber in our bodies.

This Method is for everyone open to transcend the strains of resistance, the feelings of isolation, powerlessness and fear. It is designed to empower each student or receiver to come into alignment with the integration beween mind and body, emotions and spiritual blending. The student unlocks a sense of deep gratitude for life, for the gifts that he or she is willing to accept and use to add transcendental value in this world.

We will explore together the journey into the amazing technology our body truly is, unlocking, unraveling and manifesting the extraordinary experience of life: living in harmony with the flow of the universe, ever changing, ever expanding, ever evolving.

The Wellbeing Method is a way to inspire the formation of the everlasting relationship between the giver and receiver. During a session, the giver and reciever become one, keeping the channels where energy flows in optimal condition.

It also brings harmony to the digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems. The student learns in joyful ways to apply techniques that allow confidence, peace and wisdom in the loving atmosphere created for the sharing of this massage.



Learn & Talk to Our Experts 

Learn Innovative Ways to Add Value to Others.

Master Yourself & Enhance Your Wellbeing Power.

Enhances Mental Ability.

Nourishes the Whole Body.

Aids Detoxification from Body Waste.

Stronger Tendons and Happy Muscles.

Promotes the Best Health Sleep by Improving Delta Brainwave Activity.


Wellbeing is the Source of Happiness 

Make Friends & Reduces Anxiety.

Increases the Endorphins to Experience Harmony, Joy and Happiness.

Improves Cardiovascular Functions that make you Rejuvenate very Rapidly.

Eliminates Stress and Generates Energy.

Explore the Nature of Your Being.

Happy Sounder Nights and Brighter Mornings.

Boosts Libido. Blood Flows as it Must, Naturally.


Reduces & Prevents

Happy Lymph, Prevent Cancer.

Reduces Inflammation, Tones Your Muscles, and Improves Posture.

Reduces Drastically PMS Symptoms and Mood Swings.

Stops Migraines by Enhancing Natural Blood Flow to the Head.

Stops and Prevents Insomnia.

Prevents Sciatica or Disharmonies in the Lower Back.

Prevents Arthritis by Naturally Lubricating the Joints.


The Wellbeing Method courses, workshops and seminars do not offer any type of licensure to perform therapy professionally. Qualifications to practice bodywork vary greatly based on state/province. Please check with your state or provincial licensing board for specifics.