Your Consultation

Create A Nurturing Environment for Self Expression and Loving Relationships

Together we will bring some awesome energy into your home so you can enjoy better relationships, better health, better rest, have more energy for your job and embrace happiness, wellbeing and all that your heart desires.
You will carry this knowledge for transformation with you wherever you go.
Awaken the power of Beauty in you by surrounding yourself with the things you love.
All this is done according to your style and taste.
It is for our current rhythm of life, our current circumstances and environment.

Surround yourself in all directions with Beauty, Love, Joy, Happiness and Abundance

We explore the Symbiotic and Synergetic Relationships between our Body, a marvelous Bio-Energetic Technology (our Body as our Temple), our immediate Environment (our Home as our Temple) and the Energies of our Earth and the entire Universe.
You will learn numerous strategies to Harmonize these Energies, creating a Healthy Body, a fulfilling sense of Harmony and Wellbeing in your Entire Being, and a beautifully Nurturing and Nourishing Home.

Feel Joyful, Unique and Energetic

Please contact me at 773.301.4443 to schedule your first introductory consultation. Looking forward to connecting with you, getting to know you and creating an awesome nourishing and nurturing home with you.

“A Loving Atmosphere in your Home is the Foundation for your Whole Life.”
                                                               — Dalai Lama