Online classes

I am delighted to now offer my classes and workshops of Feng Shui for our Modern Times online. You can take these classes for your personal enrichment or as a professional career.

Class description:
In Feng Shui for our Modern Times we explore extraordinary insights, based on ancient oriental wisdoms, and empowering tools and strategies for creating a healthy body (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) and a healthy, energetic, loving, beautiful and inspiring home environment so you can have a profound sense of wellbeing, and attract all sorts of wonderful things – your heart’s desires, whatever they are – into your life. Together we will embrace and explore the wonderful symbiotic relationships between your body as a temple and your home as a temple. Come join me for a fascinating Journey of Self Discovery.

GROUP CLASSES  (Min 10 persons- max 25 persons)

Registration fee: $50 to reserve your spot
(Non refundable if you choose not to attend the class. The full $50 will be applied towards class fees when you make your payment for your classes.)

Package #1: 1 month (4 classes) – $200/student
1 class of 60 min per week  ($50/class)
Certificate of Participation.

Package #2: 3 months (12 classes) – $540/student
Min 10 persons- max 25 persons
1 class of 60 min per week ($45/class) (payment plan available)
Certificate of Participation.

Your Best Choice – Ideal student commitment for optimum learning:
Package #3: 6 months (24 classes)- $840/student
1 class of 60 min per week ($35/class) (payment plan available)
Certificate of Participation.

Semi-private (2-3 students) and private classes upon request. Please contact me for details at 773 301 4443

Several days and times are available. Call me for details

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In the Study of Modern Feng Shui we invite each student to a Journey of Self Exploration of their values and commitment towards creating the powerful life experience they truly deserve to live and enjoy.

Our Feng Shui discovered ways to eliminate false premises based on traditional and in most cases superstitious beliefs – due to a “lost in translation” era – creating a new, modern style of this amazing form of exploration.

This form of Feng Shui blends with a profound expertise of Integrative Medicine, Ayurveda, Kabbalah, Martial Arts, QiGong, TaiChi, Mindfulness Meditation and Massage, making this a unique career and profession with extraordinary tools for the students.

This training goes over each area of the students life so they can experience the energy, vitality and health they truly deserve, and explore their individual beliefs and how that allows them to flow or struggle in their lives. It also guides students how to prepare to change when something does not go the way they expect.

This training is absolutely magnificent because it brings an innovative way to explore our lives, giving us a deep connection with our cosmos and the nature of our existence, and how to create a powerful harmonious relationship with this.

You will learn numerous strategies to empower yourself, to create the life you truly deserve and to transform your home and body into the magnificent temples they truly are.

The areas of exploration also contain a profound wisdom via enjoyable exercises, dynamic Tai Chi and Qigong Sacred Movements, meditation, breathing techniques, visualization and other exercises with classmates or alone, during classes and as “homework”.


Improves & Enhances:

~ Improves strength, Conditioning, Coordination, and Flexibility

~ Enhances Sleep Quality

~ Improves your Brain Health

~ Enhances and Improves Health and Wealth Manifestation

~ Increases Vitality, Libido and Flexibility

~ Reduces any Pain or Stiffness and Eliminates Stress

Wellbeing is the Source of Happiness

~ Greater Awareness, Calmness and Overall Sense of Wellbeing

~ A Happy Mind Focus & Happy Body

~ Makes you feel Joyful, Unique and Energetic

~ Harmonizes your Whole Body and Enhances your Heart Health

Nurturing Loving Environment

~ Creates a Nurturing Environment for Self Expression and Loving Relationships

~ Support your magnificent inner transformation by creating a loving atmosphere in your home

~ Bring some awesome energy into your home so you can attract all kinds of grand opportunities

~ Surround yourself in all directions with Beauty, Love, Joy, Happiness and Abundance