About Feng Shui

About my online intro talks via Zoom:

This was great fun and very informational I really enjoyed it. Brigitte Haegdorens did an awesome job on breaking down how to restore or get Energy flow. Thank you so much Brigitte and Miguel for inviting us to this event. — Wanda C.

Thanks everybody for joining our session today with Brigitte and thanks for your comments. I have received excellent comments indicating that the session was very informational, fun and full of energy. Thanks again to Brigitte for sharing with us her knowledge and energy! —Miguel J. (Internations consul – organizer of a Feng Shui intro talk for the Chicago Local Activities Group)

Excellent presentation today. I thoroughly enjoyed it – just the right length, and very interesting. Thanks. You inspired me to tweet one area at home that was becoming a little cluttered. Many thanks for the reminders. —Donna G-H

Great to meet you at the IN event – Introduction to Modern Feng Shui ! (Via Zoom). It was an amazing event – so very positive and uplifting. Loved every minute! – Muna E.

Brigitte, I enjoyed your Feng Shui presentation. It had a very positive energy and a lot of good information. Yelena F.


About the Wellbeing Method Massage

I was very relaxed the whole time and appreciated that she paid attention to the areas that had the most discomfort. She was very professional and considerate. Brigitte also took time to explain to me the oil she uses and all the options that she had for me. It was an awesome relaxing massage! —Anna Lieneburg, Marriott City Center Denver , Hospitality

I am a former employee and resident of Esalen Institute who has been trained in massage. Brigitte’s massage was one of the best I’ve ever had. Her quality of touch, sensitivity and depth was as good as I’ve ever known. —Charles Horowitz, PH.D

The Wellbeing Method is a comprehensive massage of ancient techniques that Brigitte has mastered!  I practice yoga twice a week and Brigitte’s massage will ensure that all of my body’s energy will flow thru all seven of my chakras! After her massage, I felt my body to be more relaxed, organized in movement, and calm.  I am so impressed with Brigitte’s work that I now offer her availability to practice for my clients at my medical spa in Winnetka (Face Forward, A Medical Spa)!  Try Brigitte’s Wellbeing Method massage and see for yourself how peaceful you will feel physically and emotionally. Namaste. — Dr Franzia

We were in town for the weekend and my husband surprised me with a massage. Being 24 weeks pregnant, I welcomed the thought! My experience was wonderful- I was able to relax and just enjoy the expert massage I was given. The next time I am in CO I know who I am calling! 🙂 —Kelley Perry

I have been doing chiropractic care and getting massages for the last three years to help with back pain that has continued to get worse over the years. This was the first massage I have gotten that actually relieved pain not only in my back but all through out my body. I feel relaxed but also rejuvenated which is something totally new and amazing to feel. —Brooke Cook, Millennium Harvest House Guest Service Agent

An amazing massage … completely different than any I have ever had (which is many) and completely different then I expected. Achieved “total consciousness” and relaxation…and afterwards my body did not feel destroyed … the perfect massage. —John Schmitz, business executive

During Brigitte’s massage I felt my body and mind relaxing into a deeper state. Worries and tensions began to melt away. I sensed a state of harmony being restored in my whole energetic body. —Aaron Davis, computer science graduate student

My massage was so relaxing and released my pain. I always get deep tissue massages and forget to have a relaxing massage. This massage allowed me to treat my pain and relax at the same time. What a wonderful treat! —Lisa Barnhart, Ad Sales Director.

I don’t usually get massages, but for loosening every muscle this was terrific. I was completely relaxed and ready for an extremely important business endeavor that afternoon. —Tim Maxwell, Business Executive

This was my first pre-natal massage at 8 months along. Brigitte was wonderful. She explained the difference between pre-natal and standard massage before beginning. I found it extremely relaxing and calming – everything a pregnant woman needs! Brigitte is very warm and welcoming, making a massage with her very comfortable. —Bonnie Becker, Director of Sales

Wonderful massage! I was having issues breathing due to flying and travel and you cleared up my sinuses! Also much relief to my lower back and neck as well, which is what I needed.  Best part was it was all from my hotel room and I didn’t have to go anywhere!! Thank you !! I would recommend you to anyone! —April Hart, Sales

Traveling can be stressful – both on body and mind. Muscles are tense and in positions that are not ideal often for many hours. However, local or traveler… a massage by brigitte is exactly what the body needs. Lite, medium or more intense, her experience and knowledge is felt throughout and after. I highly recommend. —Neil Bradley, Dancer /Finance

Brigitte has such a gentle touch. It was impossible not to relax. I suffer from constant tight shoulders and the softness of her hands help me loosen up my shoulders and doop them down away from my ears. Prior to arriving at Brigitte’s the muscles in my feet were tight and in pain making it difficult to walk. After the massage I couldn’t even feel that my feet had been in pain. It was a lovely experience and I will recommend her to anyone who is looking for a relaxing rejuvenating massage.  —Kelly baker

I had a wonderful experience with my massage. I was looking for massage for relaxation and stress relief and I received that and more. Brigitte focused on all of the areas that asked and brought new meaning to massage. I have been getting routine massages for 10 plus years and she is the BEST!! You will not go wrong with her services. —Sherri Althoff, Director of Recovery

Imagine your body lovingly and gently cared for. Even your organs feel relaxed. This is Brigitte’s passion and her gift. She is highly skilled and compassionate. Her work feels effortless and she listens to what you need. —Judy Ladd, Executive

Brigitte’s massage is like a beautiful dance. She soothes away tension and replaces it with peace. Wonderful! —David Lickerman, Medical

I feel relaxed and energized after my session. The tension and stress I was feeling before has left my body and my mind. I look forward to experiencing this work again. Thank you for your loving energy.  —Eva Avjean, Esthetician

I am still reveling in the wonderful state of relaxation from the massage. Brigitte is sensitive, intuitive, and has a gentle, healing touch. I would highly recommend  anyone looking to disconnect from daily pressures and stress come have a session with her. Her skill is quite transformative. I feel like I will be floating home rather then driving —Arielle Nobile, Legacy Connection Films

I was unsure what to expect from a massage geared toward relaxation. I showed up for my massage stressed from a long day at work and regular everyday stressors. I laid down and immediately the atmosphere relaxed me, Brigitte made me comfortable, and I had the most amazing experience with a massage. I was amazed at how the gentle pressure relieved aches and stress I didn’t even know I had. I left feeling as though I had just had a week’s long vacation with nothing to worry about. It was an incredible feeling, one I haven’t had for several years. It was an incomparable experience and I cannot wait to return. —Jessika Hadash, Millennium Harvest House Office Supervisor

Brigitte massages with great care and attention. I felt completely at ease in her hands. Her touch reminded me of the depth of feeling and engagement that the body is capable of; if something worth remembering again and again. —Lily Brown, manager at the Briar Rose Bed & Breakfast

Brigitte has a firm, caring,  & comforting “hands” as she helps you to relax and be at ease.  It has been a long while since I have received a massage, and this was a special gift from my daughter for my recent birthday….so I am grateful for the opportunity to receive such a generous gift.  Brigitte makes you feel cared for and takes such good care of you, both body & soul.  I am sure I will experience the benefits  of this experience for days to come!  —Babs Price,  Niwot, Colorado

My massage today was fabulous, calming, relaxing, grounding, and blissful. The space felt safe and ethereal, with the beautiful soothing music and the lovely fragrances from the candles and oil. Brigitte’s hands are healing and strong with the massage being gentle at the same time. Truly peaceful and I feel wonderful. —Karen Marx

Brigitte’s healing hands sent a vibration through my body, taking me deeper and deeper into relaxation and eventually into a meditative sort of sleep. I awoke feeling refreshed and relaxed. Excellent massage! —Chad Erickson, photographer – yoga teacher

Thank you so much Brigitte. My body feels amazing. You’re gentle but yet tough touch. The movements that you applied on my upper back really penetrated the stress bundled up. I feel so relaxed and ready to take on the day. My mind also feels renewed. — Karolina Sprayberry

This massage was amazingly relaxing. Brigitte’s hands are very warm and seem to eminate healing vibes. Gentle but firm, smooth and relaxing. I am a psychotherapist and had lots of tension in shoulders and neck. Thanks! —Mileah Koudele, LCSW

Brigitte presented a beautiful, relaxing and calming atmosphere.  Her touch and style gave me the opportunity to let go and become completely involved in the massage.  She made me feel comfortable and provided me with an amazing outlet of relaxation and comfort. —Camille, Hotel Boulderado Concierge