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Flyer Empowerign Touch Sept 2022


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Bioenergetic Wellness - Empowering Touch - Aug 2022

Martial Arts for women 50+

“Girls on the Rocks”

girl martial arts - shutterstock_149368601I set up the training so that there is a gradual increase of challenging dynamic movements, breathing exercises, and so on. I do this for every student, carefully monitoring their progress. That is the beauty of our martial arts. It is very individualized. It is very empowering. And it is non-competitive. And, ladies, it is so much funnnnn! Not the mention the glorious feeling when you do that which you thought you could never do.

And, in the spirit of us becoming spring chickens again I am posting a beautiful picture – that is how I see myself when I do martial arts: girl, on the rocks, with a fabulous high kick.


TaiChi and Qigong

Brigitte-1 A moving meditation is essential in these stressful times. Come join me and explore these ancient yin Arts in a fun and relaxed setting. This training is remarkable for people of all ages and abilities,


Holistic Feng Shui

purple blue nautilus - small size


Based on the same unique principles of the Wellbeing Method, the focus is here on how to create a nurturing and supportive home environment.

Holistic Wellness for Women 50Plus

When angels walk the earth - blue calla- small size

We explore our femininity, female intuition, our sensuality, and the “Sacred Feminine”, the nurturing part in all of us, based on principles of ancient oriental wisdom.

We will explore a variety of topics related to holistic health and wellbeing: bio-energetic Feng Shui, Qigong, great exercises for toning & flexibility, breathing and meditation, menopause, empty nest, art as therapy, and more. And best of all: feeling beautiful and energized.