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Dec 1, 2022 – Jan 15, 2023

Flyer chakra balancing  - single

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~ Bio-energetic ~ Ancient Oriental Techniques ~
~ for Physical, Emotional,  Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing ~

Sessions of 90 min and 120 min
By appointment only
Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment
Gift certificates available

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• Ft Myers (Edison Mall area) – by appointment only – 773 301 4443

• Outcalls: Ft Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Venice.
I will gladly come to your home to give you a massage. 773 301 4443

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A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold the reservation for your massage. I understand circumstances can come up and that you need to reschedule. I will be happy to do so if you call me 24 hrs ahead of your scheduled appointment time.

No shows:
The deposit will not be refunded if you do not show up for your massage, or if you cancel less then 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

24 hour cancellation policy:
If you cancel less then 24 hours before your scheduled appointment you will be charged the full amount.

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The Wellbeing Method Massage detoxifies, beautifies, rejuvenates, and eases pain, tension and stress. Full body massage has never been so pure and unique. It goes beyond normal awareness and transcends the limited structure of basic stroking, squashing and pressuring. It is a massage that guarantees wellbeing at the highest form of relaxation, empowerment and emotional wellbeing. It uses cleansing and detoxifying organic oils, and the science of aromatherapy and music therapy. Designed to last 2 hours, each session is a whole body holistic luxurious “experience”.

It is a unique blend of exquisite and harmonious techniques which are blended with the innovative modern ways of The Wellbeing Method:

A Whole Body Luxurious Experience

With cleansing and detoxifying oils, using the science of aromatherapy and music therapy, this session is designed to last 2 hours and includes a blend of several exotic and ancient techniques form ancient Egypt, India and Polynesia, blended with the innovative method of the Wellbeing Method Full Body Massage.

Tui Na

An ancient Chinese Therapeutic Style used in the prevention and treatment of disease. Based mostly in the wisdom of the meridian system, this style empowers the recipient with extraordinary flow that strengthens the immune system as well as the release of “blocked energy”, and the restoration of blood flow that increases vitality, will power and reduction of inflammation. This method becomes more powerful when blended with the innovative vortex enhancing practice of wellbeing via acupressure and relaxation inducing techniques.


Also known as “finger pressure” this art from Japan is based in non invasive ways to help the body reduce stress, muscle stiffness, pain disorders, emotional traumas, headaches as well as digestive disorders. It restores a natural wellbeing rhythm where energy and blood flow in harmony throughout the whole body. Blended with the Wellbeing Method this style because a powerful ally in the manifestation of a peaceful, intimate and joyful sense of deep relaxation and awareness in both the giver and receiver.


Also known as the blending techniques from acupuncture and pressure points, this style of massage involves the wisdom of applying pressure in vortex areas with hands, elbow or single fingers in special ways with special rhythms. It releases stress, muscular tension, pain and restores natural blood flow or circulation which creates joyful relaxation as well as empowers and harmonizes the whole body. When combined with the Wellbeing Method this style becomes a bomb of activation of one’s force for healing and harmony.


The studies of modern “Alchemy” lead us to explore the transcendental experience of inner Joy and Bliss, which are the ultimate desires of every human, no exceptions. We know that our biology responds to the way we repeatedly think and therefore, perceive the world we live in. With focus on the achievement of an Alpha Brainwave Activity by the receiver of the massage, the role of the therapist involved self-awareness and intentional attitude while doing the session.

Therapeutic Spinal Massage

Ideal for those experiencing high levels of stress or insomnia to provide an absolute renewed sense of health and calm. With gentle pressure in the areas known for direct influence over disharmonies of the spine, the receiver experiences a release of disorders of their connective tissues as well as muscle tension. Blended with the Wellbeing Method the results are astounding and impressive.

Lymph Drainage

A powerful set of techniques that stimulate body fluid circulation. The activation of the lymphatic system is key to empower the immune as well as the nervous system. Thanks to our very light circular movements and gentle wave-like massage movements, the natural rhythm of the receiver’s body kicks in, assisting in the prevention of edema and blood blockages along vessels, clearing away cellulite, removing unnecessary fat, reducing stress and pain in muscles and tendons, and more. These benefits are particularly enhanced when done in combination with all the Ayurvedic, oriental and Polynesian styles blended with the ultimate and innovative experience of our Wellbeing Method.


According to Egyptian records this style of pressure and massage on feet, hands and ears has been taught for therapeutical purposes for more then 10,000 years. Today in our modern world, we mix these powerful techniques with an experience of a full body massage, unlocking the body’s natural responses to nurture and love, as well as enhancing the function of the many organs responsible for our wellbeing.


For more then 5,000 years this art has become a science, used for medical purposes, as well as culinary purposes and to treat mental- emotional disharmonies. Aromas stimulate the part of our brain that influences our emotional state. Once the limbic system is stimulated by the essences, the nervous system releases serotonin, the endorphins responsible for reducing anxiety, pain and also empowering the sexual organs and its functions.


This science of life brings a style of massage full of waves of pressure. This art becomes a rejuvenation therapy as well as a detoxifying beauty treatment. It is ideal for those looking for deep relaxation, transcendental mindful experiences and detoxification from emotional and physical stress. Blended with the Wellbeing Method this style becomes a specific wisdom to share with those looking for deep relaxation, transcendental mindful experiences and detoxification from emotional and physical stress.

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is an amazing time for each woman, and is meant to be a unique, exquisite and loving experience. After the first trimester this style of massage gives the receiver the gift of what they truly deserve to receive: care, love, blood circulation enhancers, alleviating many of the discomforts coming with the pregnancy such as edema, hormone shifts and muscle tension.

Postnatal Massage

While the body still shows significant changes post pregnancy, the Wellbeing Method works amazingly well contributing to a fast recovery of the mother who needs her body to be pampered as well as to help her renew the sense of calm, excitement, joy and relaxation she truly deserves.


Increases the Endorphins to Experience harmony, Joy and Happiness

Improves cardiovascular Functions that make you Rejuvenate very Rapidly

Eliminates Stress and Generates Energy

Happy Lymph, Prevent cancer

Happy Sounder Nights and Brighter Mornings (Promotes the Best Health Sleep by improving Delta Brainwave Activity)

Reduces Anxiety

Boosts Libido. Blood flows as it Must, Naturally

Reduces Inflammation, Tones your Muscles, and Improves Posture

Drastically reduces PMS Symptoms and Mood Swings

Alleviates Migraines by Enhancing Natural Blood Flow to the Head

Aids Detoxification from Body Waste

Nourishes the Whole Body

The Wellbeing Method courses, workshops and seminars do not offer any type of licensure to perform therapy professionally. Qualifications to practice bodywork vary greatly based on state/province. Please check with your state or provincial licensing board for specifics.